IGC Summer Cup 2019

Suzanne Butler wins by 3 shots the 2019 Summer Cup.
Barry McAlpine and Per Ake Ademark both needed a 38 to beat Suzanne at Mont Garni.
Per only scored 34 but took second place from Barry.

Summer Cup Final 2019.png

Competition Rules
The format will be stableford from the tees decided by the committee for the day.
The maximum playing handicap will be 36.

The winner of this prestigious competition will be the player with the highest aggregate stableford points score from their best 6 rounds in the competition. The committee may decide to reduce the number of “counting” scores in the (unlikely) event of a large number of cancellations.

There is one category.
You may notice a difference in your score on the day and that posted in Albatross – this will be because there was an error on the scorecard. For the Summer Cup, the Albatross score is the one that counts!

The Committee’s ruling on the day is final!