IGC Matchplay 2021

It is now time for the IGC annual Matchplay competition. Last year’s winner Jed Royal will not be able to defend his title so the opportunity is open for a new name on the trophy,

If you would like to participate please add you name below and the draw for the first round will be made after the final of the Winter Cup.

RULES Match Play (R&A 1996 – Rule 3)
– Penalty for breach of rules – loss of hole.
FORMATIndividual knockout.
PLAY – On any recognised 18 hole course;
– Play at any time, anywhere, during the official time limits as given below, and in line with the official entry / results table;
– May be played during an IGC event, but you may not also participate in the IGC competition that day.
– Tees to be agreed or determined by the winner of a toss of a coin – honour to be decided by the order of the draw.
– Time limits for completion of the rounds are as advised in the draw above; the Final must be played on or before the “Closing Cup”
– Players not completing their matches within the time limit may be disqualified.
– The person with the honour, as determined by the order of the draw, is responsible for ensuring that their match is scheduled according to the rules.
– If a date cannot be agreed upon, the Captain & Vice Captains  will then decide the outcome of the match by a toss of a coin.


– strokes received.

The lower handicap players plays off scratch.
The higher handicap player receives 100% of the handicap difference based upon the playing handicap of the chosen course and tee.
For example: A has a playing handicap of 10, B has a playing
handicap of 27; B receives (27 – 10) x 100% = 17 strokes.
putt, hole or match
Yes! At any time. A concession cannot be declined or subsequently withdrawn.
  • a match?
– The player who has more holes in advance of the number of remaining holes to play. For example: 3 up, with 2 to play.
– The player who is present on the tee in the event of a “no show”.
  • a halved match?
– The winner of a sudden-death play-off directly following the first 18 holes, starting at a convenient hole agreed by both players, and with the same strokes applicable at the same holes as during the preceding 18 holes.