IGC English Day 2018


Congratulations to Per Ademark winner of the English Day 2018.
With best gross 75 Per scored 38 points SF and had the longest drive on the 15th.
Click photo album to view  all the photos of the day.

IGC English Day prizes are open to all players, irrespective of nationality, and will be offered on a “free choice” basis. Triumphant players will be called to the prize table in the following order:

–  individual stableford score: 1st then 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
–  NTP (8th hole); NTP (17th); longest drive (15th).
–  best gross score.
–  score of 23 pts on either the front or back nine (in honour of St George’s Day – April 23).
–  most “English” outfit of the day (any tartan will rule the player out of contention for this prize).
–  individual stableford score: 5th, 6th, 7th, etc (unless already a prize winner, and until the prizes run out).

Departing scholar and gentleman Arthur Thompson has very generously offered to buy everyone their first drink after the round … and a cleansing ale after the prize-giving ( … until the money runs out!).

There is a healthy turnout already but if you want the chance to win some of the prizes you HAVE to sign up on Albatros!!

Enjoy the day … les Anglais de IGC /de Engelsen van IGC