About IGC

The International Golf Club (IGC) has been providing its members with a unique golfing experience for 30 years – organised golf outings practically every weekend of the year visiting many of Belgium’s fine golf courses. 

Affiliated to the Royal Belgian Golf Federation, IGC offers new members an official European Golf Association (EGA) handicap and a Belgian Federation Card. 

A calendar full of competitions in a variety of formats will suit established golfers of all handicaps: men and women, young and old. Our membership comprises expatriates from all over the world as well as ‘locals’ who also appreciate the advantages of IGC’s flexible and affordable touring format. 

You are welcome to play a couple of rounds with us as a guest prior to joining. Playing as a guest you will play with other IGC members but will not be part of the competition until you have paid the subscription and your handicap has been formally established.

We will either accept a handicap certificate from another club or you play three times with IGC and the Club Captain will give you a handicap based on your scores for these three rounds.

We play different courses on Saturday and Sunday throughout the year with additional events at the Belgian royal courses usually on Friday afternoons. Our events typically attract between 10 and 30 players. We pay a green fee each time we play, with reductions depending on how many players participate.

We hold our prize giving as soon as possible after everyone has finished their round.

On behalf of the IGC Committee
Rodolphe Matossian, President