IGC Royal Trophy 2019

IGC welcomes all members to play the Royal Trophy eventsFirst played in 1996, and originally called the Royal Under-21 Trophy (RU21), the competition is played during the summer months at eleven of Belgium’s “Royal” courses ( … of which there were 11 for many years, but that number is fast growing with the 50-year rule recently replacing “admission by royal prerogative”).
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Formatthe Trophy goes to the golfer with the lowest aggregate net score against par, based on his or her best four cards out of a possible eight. In the event of a tie (as in 2017), the leaders will play off over a full 18 holes at a Royal course of their choosing.

In the event of a tie the leaders will play off over a full 18 holes to decide the outcome. The Committee’s ruling on the day is final!
Tees‘mixed tees’ will be allocated according to handicap.
Handicap limitsthe competition requires us to comply with handicap limits imposed by all the Royal clubs. These are actual handicaps versus playing handicaps. Ensure you bring your Federation card.