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(Issue 5: June 11-30, 2019)

With the full heat of summer thundering-in like a herd of frenzied wilderbeast, IGC’s season has hit full stride. The Summer Cup, Monthly Medals, Royal Trophy, Match Play and inter-club matches are all hurtling along, at pace. Don’t get left behind!
We had a very successful Rinkven Day on June 15 (albeit, and very sadly, without our sponsors Richard and Sandy Ginder). Fast approaching are Mark Adams’ Farewell Event (July 13) and Barry McAlpine’s Captain’s Day (July 21), as well as matches against Royal Waterloo (July 14) and EU/MUGS (July 28).
Let’s also acknowledge a splendid run by our IGC/MUGS team, who performed heroically in the AGF Senior Spring Challenge. Led by Tommy Smith, the team of Mark Adams, Peter Brown, Andrew Budd, Adrian Cunningham, Bernard Donck, John Hughes, Richard Ivens, Paul Meersman, Peter Mountain, Ester Munoz Guil and Bas Ten Holter, all played their part in getting us into the semi-finals, where we narrowly lost to Royal GC des Fagnes (Spa). In the 3rd/4th playoff rubber against Enghien, some very flexible scoring rules saw our team win two matches, halve one and lose one, but still be declared the losers on the day … such are the “ups” and “downs” of inter-club golf in Belgium.WORTHY WINNERSof recent IGC competitions:

  • Fri June 14 (Ravenstein): Royal Trophy: winner Jed Royal ( … of course!; net 71); runner-up Ian Bullied (net 76); third was Barry McAlpine (net 77). Summer Cup:  winner Jed Royal (37 pts); runner-up Barry McAlpine (33 pts); third was Ian Bullied (32 pts).
  • Sat June 15 (Rinkven): First: Gavin Watt (38 pts); runner-up Per Aidemark (35 pts); third was Bill Purdue (34 pts) … an excellent turnout, but a day on which Sandy Ginder’s father was very tragically killed in a road accident. A huge thank you to sponsors Richard and Sandy for allowing the “show to go on”.
  • Sat June 22 (Durbuy): First: André Husheer (31 pts); runner-up Ryan Romito (25 pts); third was Saskia van Oldenborgh (24 pts) on countback from Richard Ivens … clearly a day when the course beat the field!
  • Fri June 28 (Royal Antwerp): Royal Trophy: winner John Hughes (net 78); runner-up Richard Ginder (net 79) on countback from Nigel Butler. Summer Cupwinner John Hughes (34 pts); runner-up Nigel Butler (33 pts); third was Richard Ginder (31 pts) … course in fabulous condition, and they even kept the halfway house open for us!
  • Sat June 29 (Enghien): First: Stuart Hunter (34 pts); runner-up Brighton Watambwa (32 pts); third was Daniel Darius (31 pts) … played in adverse weather conditions … 35-degrees of blazing sunshine!
  • Sun June 30 (Royal Hainaut): First: with a brace of birdies and winning the battle of the Andys, Andy Sisk (38 pts, 19/19) beat Andy Willson (38 pts, 19/19) on a 6-hole countback (13/12); third was Ged Boydell (33 pts) … also an acknowledgement to Daniel Darius for providing emergency treatment to a rather elderly gentleman who collapsed on the terrace.

     UPCOMING EVENTS for your diary…. plenty more fixtures in addition to these:

  • Sat July 13 (Empereur): a chance to acknowledge Mark Adams’ huge contribution during his tenure as IGC Secretary in his “Farewell Event”.
  • Sun July 14 (Royal Waterloo): after defeat in last year’s inaugural match, Captain Barry McAlpine is building a strong team to take on the formidable resources of RWGC.
  • Sun July 21 (Pierpont): a week after Mark Adams’ Farewell Event we turn our attention to Captain’s Day … one of the most popular and best attended events in our calendar.
  • Sat July 27 (Empereur): our annual triangular “clubs sans terrain” fixture against EU and MUGS.

      PARISH NOTICESwhat the world’s press is talking about:

  • The Rules! … as golfers we often need to consult the rules of golf. Not difficult in the early days of the game … there were only thirteen of them, as written down by the Golfers of Leith in 1744. Now there are a few more! If you want to get better acquainted, there’s no better starting point than the R&A’s website:  https://www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/pages/players-edition . 
    Here you’ll find the rules (in full), a golfer-friendly player’s edition, definitions, interpretations, committee procedures, and rules for players with disabilities ( … but no mention of heel spurs!). There’s also a picture book edition and an online rules quiz, where you can resolve important matters such as, “is manufactured water (glaçon) an obstruction or a loose impediment?” There’s even a “local rules creator” … although I can’t find the bit that gives “seniors” the right to “mulligans” and “anti-mulligans” in certain competitions … I’m sure it’s in there somewhere!
  • Combining matchplay and strokeplay: correcting our earlier advice (newFairwayNews Issue 4), players competing against each other in the club matchplay competition are not eligible to also play in the stableford “competition of the day”.
  • Combining Royal Trophy and Summer Cup events: you may have noticed that six of our eleven Royal Trophy events have now been rebranded as combined Royal Trophy/Summer Cup events. This 2019 “trial” will be evaluated to determine if it’s the right move for these two “major” IGC competitions. 
PHOTO of the WEEK 
Richard and Sandy Ginder’s generous prize-table from Rinkven Day …

… with Gavin Watt taking top honours!

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