Message from the President

Dear IGC Members,

We have just experienced a really exciting championship of our club
First of all I would like to thank once again all the members of this committee for the
perfect organisation of the championship over two days on two different courses.
I would like to thank all the players for your participation

I had the privilege to play with Per and Alastair and even for them it was difficult, that
day the par 5s became par 6s and 100 shots later we were finally in the club house.
The next day the conditions were hellish, Dantesque, all the rain came to Pierpont.
Well done to the intrepid and courageous golfers, I noticed a majority of Irish and
Scottish golfers who accepted the conditions.

Congratulations to all the ladies who braved the wild elements;
The Golf Club revealed some real golfing talent
Well done Suzanne, Lynette, Saskia, Sylvie, Johnny, Nigel, Mark and Per who once again
Confirms and marks his name at the bottom of the cup for the 9th time since 2001.

Thank you all for a great weekend

Rodolphe Matossian
President of IGC

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