Captains Update 27/08

Hello golfers,

So the end of August is upon us and the Summer Cup nearing its end, a Summer Cup that at times resembled the Winter Cup with bad weather causing cancellations. With half a dozen Summer Cup events still to go 10 players have played the 10 events with several more sitting on 8 or 9 cards ready to advance.

Long time leader Roberto Ghidini still leads the way by 4 shots but Barry started closing in with a 44 pointer at Rigenee and 3 time winner Kees is tied with Barry in 2nd.

The Royal Trophy: with 2 rounds to go Andre Husheer and Robert Downey are tied and leading the way with no apparent other contenders.

The Matchplay is advancing quickly: down to the Quarter Finals with Barry being first through to the semis.

One thing definitely worth mentioning is the inter club matches, a special thank you to everyone who played for the team against both Hulencourt and Falnee, both days IGC won very handsomely. Quite impressive that the team won so well but it shows that our members have strong handicaps based on playing different courses every week.

I received some positive feedback following my previous comments about slow play. Remember what I said before, if you are playing slowly and holding up the groups behind, why aren’t you embarrassed? If you can’t keep up with the group in front just let the groups behind through. Anyway there have been a lot less complaints about slow play in the last few weeks, so let’s keep that going.

Hopefully this summer more of us have been able to go home and see family, I hope you are all healthy.


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