Captain’s update 15/07/21

Hello Golfers,

So the weekend in mid-July and Barry is just canceling the weekend’s events.

The courses are closed and Falnuée is a real mess, the closing 3 holes and the clubhouse flooded.

Real shame for the golf but also for Falnuée, I hope that none of you have such problems with flooding.

And today, was I the only one watching some of St George’s and thinking “I’ve been there and played that course and tried that shot”?

I’m happy that IGC took us there, someday we will get to play Celtic Manor and before then in September (yes it’s reminder time), sign up before it’s too late:

For the golf: really well played to everyone who played against Waterloo as we beat them very well 6.5-3.5. I quite enjoyed watching Antonio Astorino holing a 6 foot putt to win our game on the last hole.

A mixed IGC/MUGS team organised and led by Tommy made the final of the Van Lanschot Trophy at Royal Fagnes Spa. Although finally not winning, well done to all IGC players who participated and got that far!

Until this weekend it has been a busy few weeks on the golfing front, 3 events a weekend, Royal Trophy, Summer Cup, and Match play all advancing quickly and some quite ridiculous scoring. Last weekend at L’empereur Manuel Terradas hit a great 40 points only to finish 3rd behind Kees on 42 and Stuart Hunter on 44. And many big turnouts too, the bigger the turnout the bigger the prizes for the day.

On a serious note, I want to mention SLOW PLAY. There have been several instances in the last 2 months of complaints about slow play. Several things to remember:

1) We are not playing in the Open, remember that.

2) You have 3 minutes to look for your ball and that’s all. If your playing partner is spending too long looking for his/her ball, just say that time is up and go and play your shot.

3) When your playing partner is playing, don’t just spectate, put your glove on or check your yardage and think what club you will play, all this and more can be done when your partners are playing their shots.

4) Think where you are leaving your trolley around the green, don’t leave it on the wrong side of the green when you are putting.

5) Most of the time we are playing stableford, when we are putting for that 9 or 10 or whatever, do we need to line up the putt and take time over it, or even then do we need to take the putt at all?

6) Finally and most importantly, if you are in a group and you have lost contact with the group in front and the group behind you is now waiting, why don’t you let them through? Are we all not ashamed to hold up our friends or members from other clubs? Slow play upsets the people in the group behind, several of you once saw what effect slow play had on me at Hulencourt. Wave people through. Barry and I and the other committee members are looking out for this. If we see a group holding up the course, you can expect to be told to wave the group behind through. When we do the groups we will try and space out the committee members through the field.

Next weekend, if Belgium isn’t completely under water, Gregg has arranged Ravenstein, Limburg and Pierpont.

Once again great courses. IGC gives you the chance to play so many fine courses around Belgium, in the end, we all have our favourite courses but how good has it been this last month or so; golf, prizes again and food and drinks on those terraces. Some people stayed on the terrace at Hulencourt for 5 or was it 7 hours recently? That’s nice for our club.

Anyway, see you all on the golf course (and terrace) soon.


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