IGC vs Royal Waterloo GC

IGC v RWGC Sunday 12 July 2020

On a warm and glorious day, the third installment of the annual match between IGC and Royal Waterloo took place on le Marache course.  Following IGC’s victory in last year’s match, it was clear that our illustrious opponents were determined not to let the same result happen again.  Both sides put out very strong teams reflecting their desire to put up a good match.  Perhaps it was inevitable then as a result that the match ended in an honourable draw 5-5, meaning that, in the spirit of the Ryder Cup, IGC retains the “trophy” (and the bragging rights) for another year.  There were good wins for Fyfe & Purdue, Matossian & Dubois, Smith & Meersman, Compton & Nordahl and for McAlpine & Collins.   There were equally honourable and closely fought losses for Hunter & Ivens, van Oldenborgh & Altenberg, Darius & O’Sullivan, St Amour & Downey and Husheer & van der Jeugd.  Social distancing was respected at the lunch at the clubhouse.  That was the first of our annual inter-club matches in the curtailed golfing calendar this year.  But two more will folllow in quick succession in August- more details to come.  Thanks again to all at RWGC for an enjoyable and sporting contest.  We all look forward to resuming the contest in 2021.

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